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9 Things You Absolutely Must Do In London If You Love Books And Literary History

  • * British Library - check (though it's been a while & could use a refresher).
  • * Bloomsbury - check.
  • * Shakespeare's Globe - check. (Duh.)
  • * St. Pancras and
  • * George Inn - on the list for next time.
  • * English Heritage plaques - check (you'd have to be blind to miss them).
  • * Foyle's / Charing Cross / indie bookstores - check. (Duh.)
  • * 221B Baker St. - check.
  • * Tube / Oyster Card / do your own literary London thing - check ... it's one of the main reasons why I keep going to London in the first place!:)

Shakespeare's Globe: outside; and cast (including Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry) and director (Dominic Dromgoole) taking standing ovations at the 2012 season's last performance of "Twelfth Night." (Photos mine.)

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/88064-9-things-you-absolutely-must-do-in-london-if-you-love-books-and-literary-history