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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
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Asking for your opinion: HFK's Think Tank Redux -- Welcoming New Members

Thanks to Hunger For Knowledge and BookStooge and everyone who commented on those posts and in the Group, here is a compilation of the items we would like to present to BL.  


The discussions were initiated because we want to find a way to enable more discussion and interaction, to be able to easier find new people to talk with, and to make sure new members feel welcomed and included.


this is it --




New members sign up and they are invisible to the rest of us until they learn their way around the site. Without much interaction, they give up and go away. We want to find a way to engage them, and have come up with some ideas.


We as members are able to do some of them on our own, but some will require BL participation.


We began a Group, "Find New BookLikes Blogs To Follow," with a discussion for Active BookLikes Bloggers where everyone introduces themselves -- no BL action needed. (Unfortunately,this is the last one where we don't need BL help.)



We offer these for your consideration:

In FAQ, we would like to see a link to the Group, and possibly the link could be added to the welcome e-mail.


A BL Announcement, once a month or once a week, where you list New Members, including their profiles, genres, number of reviews, number of books.


Weekly highlight of one new member and one other member. (You already do this sometimes, but we would like to see it on a more regular schedule.)


A means to view a list of all bloggers, with the possibility of searching by book genre, and with statistics available such as last activity, number of books, number of reviews.


See who/what your Friends Like or Follow or Comment, on your newsfeed in real time.


Get notifications when a new review is posted on a book we have read or shelved.


If new members fill out a Get-to-know-me template, and "opt-in," display it on all members' news feeds (maybe established members want an opt-in as well), regardless of follow status, and it will give all of us a chance to welcome the new member.



The next section is dedicated to the Explore function.


Some of us find it frustrating because of reasons like: Popular Blogs have many followers, but don't post often and don't interact; Top Reviewers who haven't posted in months, yet continue to show up in the top spots; the same BLers show up over and over, it would be nice to see some new faces once in awhile.


We would like to see parameters which select people who are actively posting, liking, commenting, even though they may not have many followers.


Also the selection criteria on the left-hand side of the Explore page doesn't actually seem to select for the criteria checked. The same items come up whether you narrow the choices or leave them blank. Is it possible to make that functional?



 Let me know if anything has been left out or stated incorrectly.  Thanks for your participation.




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