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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
Thomas McNamee
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Valerie Plame Wilson, Sarah Lovett
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Blowback - Valerie Plame Wilson, Sarah Lovett, Negin Farsad
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Thoughts on Booklikes and Goodreads

So though I tried to post yesterday and just gave up, here are my general comments.

-I have disconnected my Twitter account from my Booklikes account, I just don't have the energy to have to go onto Twitter and delete the multiple postings coming from this site anymore. 


-We are not receiving any type of response from Booklikes and as of yesterday I am over it. I know we keep trying to find explanations for things, but at this point I feel dismissed entirely by this site as user. Heck, when I have had issues with Goodreads in the past, I can email and I usually see a response no later than 24 hours from my first email. I have not received a response back from this site since July 2016. They have not posted since December 2016. I know we all keep hoping that the site keeps going, but at this point I am looking at the writing on the wall and refuse to devote myself to a site that does not seem intent on improving or growing its members. 


-I do not plan on posting here starting in 2017. That was a hard one for me, but I just can't do it. I think either way by 2017 we will hear back one way or the other about this site. But I refuse to keep trying to fix things around here (my shelves are still a mess) and they still have not fixed many things we have asked about (reblog issue).


-If I do post here at all in 2017, it will only be because of the Romance bingo we were all discussing. I don't see how we could do the bingo cards on Goodreads right now and if I figure that out, I won't be doing even that from this site.


-I do love the social aspects of Booklikes a lot, but I am seeing more comments on my Goodreads reviews and statuses. I think since many of us still have Goodreads accounts and were ticked off yesterday, a lot of us started to go back to Goodreads to see how we can make it work for us.


-I am definitely sorry to those who were either banned on Goodreads or don't want to join due to the censorship mess they started back in 2013. But for me, I really don't see what other site out there is comparable to Goodreads (book database) and Booklikes (social aspect) right now. Moonlight and I are conducting a poll right now and it looks to me that most people are sticking with Goodreads and are not really looking at other sites much.  


-I have gotten more familiar with Goodreads since yesterday. There are a few more groups I am thinking about joining, and I connected my Kindle and Twitter to that account. Even though I don't show my notes (there are a lot of swearing) and highlights via Goodreads right now, I may turn that on for the Readathon this weekend.


-Moonlight and I are playing with the concept of a multi-author blog. Right now though I have not had too much time to do much besides paste one review on it. I need to get more familiar with it.


For those that are on Goodreads and wanting to still talk to us Booklikes people you can go here: 


BL Expats


And once again this is my profile if you want to send me a friend request:


Obsidian Blue