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Review session...


Dear Booklikes friends,


I just decided that I have enough of Goodreads. I must say that I was absolutely charmed to have a social network about books where, unlike Facebook, people can connect and share about something a little more challenging than memes. But how desperate I was, trying to cope with the ugly 2001 kind of the website design... So many small links everywhere, nothing to do with the app, no way to organize anything and everything was... so beige. Anyway, despite the lake of mobile app (I surely hope there will be one someday), this network is everything I was looking for. A nice way to share reviews, talk about our discovery, our personal projects and personalize everything of it.


I am one of those who like the beauty of the books. Everything about books feels timeless and time stopper and this is why books are the absolute way out. Some books are absolutely beautiful and photogenic too (see my Instagram's widget). 


I wanted to tell you (the few who follow me now and the future one) that I will complete an « about » section one day and that, for now, I will be writing short reviews on the books I already have read in the past. If you see French, don't panic, English will be present as well in the best way I can write it. 


Please do share, comment and suggest, I do love discussion. 



- Valerie



Note by TA (reblogger): Reposted by Valerie herself here: http://vlrireads.booklikes.com/post/1578485/review-session