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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
Thomas McNamee
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24 Festive Tasks: First Week Summary and Preview for the Rest of the Month

Wow, the first week is almost over, my dashboard and notifications have exploded beyond all proportions, and I'm just blown away by the enthusiasm this is generating, coming as it does straight on the back of the best Halloween Bingo we've had in 3 years!


For the lovers of statistics, here's a summary snapshot of the first week's results -- minus the books some have already read for the final 7 holidays, though (right-click on the image and select "show / display" to see a larger version ... and please don't ask my why Excel chose to show the participants' names in reverse alphabetical order):


The tasks completed most frequently so far were:


* Melbourne Cup Day "pick your ponies" with a whopping 22 participants and 36 points total collected,

* Día de los Muertos -- your favorite epitaph (16 participants)

... and on equal footing with 12 participants each:

* Guy Fawkes Night -- burn a book in effigy

* Guy Fawkes Night -- 3 worst book-related crimes

* Diwali -- book covers: young women holding flowers



In the coming 3 weeks (each week beginning on Sunday for purposes of the 24 Festive Tasks), we will be opening:


* 2 doors next week (=2d week of November)

* 4 doors in the third week of November and

* 2 doors again in the final week of November.


Happy (rest of the) Festive Season, everybody ... let the games continue as merry as they've begun!


ADDENDUM: And please remember to report your progress in the bingo group!  It not only makes creating posts like this one so much easier ... it's also an enormous help in keeping tabs on the total number of points collected, which will, after all, ultimately determine the amount the hosts are going to contribute to charity.  THANK YOU!