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Chick Lit, or a Victim of Sequelitis?

Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel - Maeve Binchy, Dermot Bolger, Emma Donoghue, Clare Boylan, Anne Haverty, Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, Kate O'Riordan, Dierdre Purcell

An old adage says that some good things are better left alone – and I've certainly found this to be true here, because although this "Finbar" sequel was devised and edited by Dermot Bolger, who also oversaw the original project, I cared decidedly less for this book than I did for the first "Finbar" compilation.


The entries here strike me more or less as what is known as classic "chick lit": there is, among others, a woman trying to get pregnant for the first time shortly before menopause without having to marry, a freshly liberated woman confronting the guy who suppressed her in a relationship years ago, and a mother reuniting with the son she gave up for adoption shortly after his birth out of wedlock. Alas, all of this has been done before, and in many instances better and with more original plotlines than here.


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Source: http://www.themisathena.info/literature/compilations1.html#FinbarsLadies