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Longing for love and lost memories in an old Dublin hotel.

Finbar's Hotel - Dermot Bolger, Colm Tóibín, Roddy Doyle, Joseph O'Connor, Anne Enright, Jennifer Johnston, Hugo Hamilton

It's not exactly Dublin's first address, the old Finbar's Hotel on Victoria Quay, overlooking the River Liffey and opposite the palazzo structure of Heuston (erstwhile Kingsbridge) Railway Station – but it's a place with both character and history: It has survived a fire, among its guests over the years have been some of society's more colorful personalities, its back rooms used to be infamous for their use as a secret gathering place for everyone from politicians, gardai (policemen), members of the clergy and prostitutes, and it has that particular run-down and dubious charm of a place which has seen better days once upon a time. And now it is going to be torn down, to be replaced by a modern structure by the propety's new owner. But before the staff leaves, before night manager Johnny Farrell, whose family has served the hotel's owners since the place was opened in the 1920s by old Finbar and Johnny's grandfather, James "the Count" Farrell, goes off to open a bead and breakfast in the suburbs with his wife, and before the hotel's one true human institution, Simon the porter, checks into a hospital to nurse his cancer, a group of unusual guests assembles one last time, for one of the old hotel's very last nights.


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