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How to Create a Page Linked in Your Sidebar - For Your Profile or Whatever (Reblogged from Batgrl)

So you may have noticed that over in my sidebar to the left (on my blogpage here) you can see a link called BatProfile:



I'm using it as a profile page (I've copied the text from my Goodreads profile) but you can use this for anything you wish -  essays, articles, lists, etc.


How do you to create a similar page? (There's probably info about this in Booklikes somewhere too - I'll link it here after I have a chance to look for it.)


Look in your Settings, then click the Pages tab:



And then hit the green Add Page button. (You'll notice that you can see the page I've already created - and that's where I can open that page to edit it.)


When you've clicked to start a new page you'll then see this:



Only of course you won't see all the text that I've entered in. I've left it there since it helps explain the naming part.


The Page Title box is for the name that you want to appear in your sidebar. The Page Address is what to name your page for the url - so don't use any spaces or punctuation there, and I'd make it a simple but unique word. For instance mine is booklikesprofile so I'll know if I ever have to tweak the html code that that's my name for my Booklikes Profile page. (I could have just named it profile, but I wanted something more unique to look for.)


 And now I'll wander off to see if Booklikes has already explained this more clearly...


Hmmm. So far all I can find is the Booklikes FAQ. Oh but I did find out that if you reblog this post and I pop in later and edit anything? This blog format is just like tumblr - you'll get the early version I posted, but nothing that I add later/edit. Just FYI, so that before you hit post be sure to do all your editing. Because this will be true not only of this page but for any reviews, writing, etc. that you reshare/reblog here.

Reblogged from Batgrl: Bookish Hooha