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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
Thomas McNamee
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How to get a 'profile' on Booklikes (Reblogged from Anna via Aly's Miscellany)

OK, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve figured out. It's kind of insane, but stick with me. It's a short demonstration with an explanation.


To answer your questions: No, I don't have a life. Yes, I'm insane. No, it's not a contagious kind of crazy.


How to ‘get a profile page’ or rather the closest approximation of one I was able to manufacture on a short notice.


Currently reading (for reasons I’ll list below) + review of a book titled “about me”






See how it works – go to www.anhec.booklikes.com --> on the left side left-click on a book titled ‘about me’ (it has ‘MY PROFILE’ on a cover. You won’t miss it). Now, that you’ve found a cover and clicked on it,  it spits a very important widow at you, click ‘review’ (bottom on the right). Congratulations. That’s my review (ergo my profile) of this nonexistent book!


Now, let me explain. Yes, you can create widgets (those nice little shelves that appear on the side of your site like ‘favourites’ or ‘last added’ or ‘book challenge’) but they don’t work like the automatic ones – in other words if you click on an automatic one, you get a lovely pop-up window that gives you an easy access to a variety of options (add, shelve etc. and first and foremost – has a button that will send you to a review [=profile!]). If you click on a manufactured widget, it will take you to an evil page of a book and then you’d have to dig and… Yeah. That’s not what we want. (Ok, not what I want. I’m alone here and talking to yourself in plural is just plain creepy).


For  your profile to get shelved it needs to be in a form of a review. Stick with me. It makes sense.


So I’ve created a non-existing book titled “About me” by “You”, should be by ‘me’, but fuck it, it’s artistic (or retarded - depending how you look at it, but hey, the thought counts and I've been thinking of others!). Reviewed it (a review is my profile). Added it to a shelf called ‘about me’ (*on this shelf on my profile you can find another version with a different cover, you know, if you want…)  and then I changed it’s status to ‘currently reading’. I gave it an old date of beginning of my 'read' (so that it will be at the very bottom of ‘currently reading list and stays there). Also don’t update progress (duh)





This was the craziest idea I had in a while. Now, you can create your own book ‘about me’ or add one of the two I created (that way our profiles will stick together on this book’s page, you get a chance to add a book when my pop-up attacks you). You post only what you want there. If you want to focus on what genres you read – do just that ^^ I simply love idea of having a place to live comments and to read something about my ‘random followers’. My mother raised me better than that! You’re not supposed to follow strangers!

Reblogged from Aly's Miscellany