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A simple tip - everything is too big? Zoom out. (Reblogged from Anna.)

Obvious post is obvious. But if one person has an 'eureka' moment it's worth it.




Sometimes I  find reading text here or scrolling through a dashboard uncomfortable, because they're too big (not a criticism, since solution is staggeringly simple). Changing that takes only a few button presses . You can freely manipulate level of zoom on your page.  Any page in an internet browser. Not just on booklikes (works for firefox, can't speak for other browsers)




"ctrl" + "-"  -> zoom out


"ctrl" + "+" -> zoom in


Repeat until satisfied.


You may want to use that on dashboard or just while reading reviews. I know it's obvious, but sometimes people need to be reminded of existing options.





Source: http://anhec.booklikes.com/post/538084/a-simple-tip-everything-is-too-big-zoom-out-
Reblogged from AnHeC (I'm too fucking busy and vice versa)