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Amazon.com's CreateSpace Disrespects Wodehouse with Crappy Reproduction (Reblogged from Killer Rabbit)

My Man Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

I wish I was KillerRabbit von Frankenstein, because I would love to bring back the P.G.Wodehouse Monster to wreak havoc on Amazon for doing such a crappy job of printing their CreateSpace version of this work.


Every few pages, there was a line (or several) where I had to guess the words because they were pretty much unreadable. Show some respect for the man who helped Terry Pratchett  become the creator of the Discworld series!


So 5 stars for Wodehouse, but only 3 for this printing = 4 stars average rating.




Source: http://killerrabbit.booklikes.com/post/566049/amazon-com-s-createspace-disrespects-wodehouse-with-crappy-reproduction