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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
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Synchronization With Goodreads (Reblogged from BookLikes)

We're very sorry to inform you that BookLikes -> Goodreads Synchronization is switched off. We've received mail from Goodreads Staff who are blaming BookLikes' sync for not working right. 


All BookLikes Team hopes that this is just misunderstanding and will be sorted out soon. Until then we decided to switch off the BL->GR synchronization option. The text below describes in details how  the synchronization proceeded.


How synchronization works


1. You registered and looked around. You went into Explore page to see what's up and how to make things here and then to Settings to set up your preferences. Sine you like to stay active on book social sites, you decided to check how synchronization works. 


2. You've connected your accounts in Settings/Import - this means they are joined now. You search for books using search box on the top, the books are found, you decide to add them to your Shelf on BookLikes. Books are added. At the same time ISBN numbers are processed and books with corresponding numbers are added to your GR profile.


3. Then you noticed that one of the book you've recently added isn't the one you would like to read. You decide to remove it from shelf. Sync system recognizes ISBN number and removes the book from both accounts. 


4. Next thing you do is to change reading status. You go to your BookLikes Shelf, click on the book cover, choose status Read and add rating stars. The system recognizes the book that you've added to your both accounts thanks to ISBN number and shows rating stars on your Shelf on BookLikes and on My Books page on Goodreads.


5. Then you decide to write a review. You click on the book on Shelf, add text and Publish on your BookLikes Blog. The system is already familiar with the book and the review is added to your both accounts (BookLikes & Goodreads). 


6. Next you decide to put the book on a different shelf, let's say "Books I loved", you create the shelf and add book to this thematic shelf. Thanks to synchronization you don't have to think about creating the shelf on Goodreads account as it was mirrored from your BookLikes profile. The book is shelved on the same shelves on both services. 


7. OK, so you like the new site and decide to import your collection. The book import also uses ISBN numbers to make a book match. Once the import is finished all your books are on your shelves. This means that if you connect your both accounts in this moment, each edition of your data and each point presented above will be mirrored on your GR account. 


Synchronization includes all your data and actions on your BookLikes profiles. Synchronization cannot choose where to stay ON and where to stay OFF. That's why when you've edited your imported books and reviews with synchronization switched on, all changes were mirrored on your Goodreads profile. If you make any change to raring, review or a book, the system will process ISBN number of books and mirror your actions on your GR profile. 


We want to reassure you that we've never manipulated your content, added or removed any of your data without your permission. As we mentioned in our Community Guidelines, each member is administrator of his/her own webpage which include Blog, Shelf, Timeline and only he/she can remove data from the site.


We were really surprised about the situation, especially that we did not receive any mail about the problem of disappearing content in terms of synchronization. BookLikes Community can always count on our support and assist, we answer to each and every remark and we truly hope this issue will be solved really soon. If you noticed that something disturbing is happening to your books, please let us know. We'll check that and sort things out.


We also wanted to let you know that the changes to BL->GR synchronization and the fact it's temporary unavailable does not affect import. Import option stays active and can be used.



Please reblog the original post and read its comments section as well. -- T.-A.




Source of this post: http://blog.booklikes.com/post/576136/post

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