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If You Like Books, You'll Like BookLikes [Huffington Post] (Reblogged from BookLikes)

BookLikes story by John Pavley, CTO @ The Huffington Post





In all the huffing and puffing ('scuse the obvious pun) we've been seeing today in connection with Goodreads -- again -- this piece on the history of BookLikes bears revisiting.


Kudos to Dawid and Joanna for sticking with the project in the face even of catastrophic events that would have caused many others, I am sure, to give up and bury their dreams.


From the HuffPost article's end:


"Dawid and Joanna have big plans for BookLikes, user-driven plans, that you're not going to find on Amazon and Goodreads or anywhere else. [...] The BookLikes story has quite a few universal lessons in it. Startups that succeed are the startups that are not afraid of change, that listen to their communities, that learn from their mistakes, and that find a unique itch and scratch it. Most importantly startups that succeed are startups that don't give up. I'm pretty sure you can substitute "people" for the word "startups" in each of those sentences."


Couldn't have said it better.

Reblogged from BookLikes