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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
Thomas McNamee
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Spoiler Tag & Top Reviewers (Reblogged from BookLikes)


We have some extra features for all who love shelving and reviewing books and reading reviews. Spoiler Tags let you hide moments in your text that could spoil reading experience for those who haven't finished a given book yet. Explore Page received a box with Top Reviewers where we present a group of BookLikes members who have impressive collection of reviews on their blogs. 


How to add spoiler tag? It's so simple.


Just type your review, then mark text fragment that contains spoiler and should stay hidden and press new SP icon on upper tool bar. The text will receive opening and closing spoiler tags and after Saving this part of post/review will be hidden. 



To reveal hidden part, click "show spoiler" and to hide it hit "hide". Spoiler tag is active on Dashboard:


and on your Blog in public view.



This means that the hidden text stays invisible for your friends who follow you on BookLikes and read your text on Dashboard as well as for guests and non BookLikes members who visit your Blog (yourusername.booklikes.com). 


Explore page received this week new category of Top Reviewers.

Top Reviewers present group of BookLikes members who have an impressive amount of reviews on their BookLikes Blog. 

Now you can look at their recent posts, follow them and stay up to date with their book updates.


Explore page presents also popular blogs, hot reviews and new and trending on BookLikes. All boxes can be sorted by given category and language. BookLikes Team also would like to welcome all Authors who recently joined BookLikes :-)




Source: http://blog.booklikes.com/post/582540/spoiler-tag-top-reviewers

Reblogged from BookLikes