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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
Thomas McNamee
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PSA: BookLikes Feature Requests Via "BookLikes Official Group" -- UPDATE:

The "Feature Requests" thread opened by the BookLikes folks in the official BookLikes group (see my original post below) is growing rapidly, so Karma♥Bites made the following suggestion, which I would like to share:


"Based on past experience, a single thread may quickly become rather cumbersome, so perhaps create a different thread for features re: a specific 'area'? Frex, one for books/covers, one for discussion room functions, one for general BL functions (existing), one for new/desired BL functions, etc."


I think that would be a great way to help keeping things organized --I'd probably take it even further and create separate threads for issues that we can already see matter to a lot of us.  Incidentally, by making it topic-specific, the number and frequency of posts on a given topic might give the BookLikes folks even more of a clue as to what precisely are priorities for many of us.


Additionally, there seems to be considerable need for a separate place to report bugs, or things that don't seem to be working (consistently) for us.  Maybe someone should also start a "Bug Reports" thread so as to avoid us cluttering the "Feature Request" thread (which is primarily meant for new features we'd like to see, after all) with reports on features that need improvement?  (I think this is what KarmaBites might also mean by the category "general BL functions (existing)" -- seems to me, calling it "bug reports" would imply a bit more urgency, though ... and would at the same time limit it to things genuinely not working properly, instead of also including improvement requests on working features, which IMHO should go into a separate thread as well.)


As always, just a thought.



Original post:


Not only have the BookLikes folks given us a group feature today -- they've also introduced a second venue for us to request additional features we would like to see.


If you check out/join the Official BookLikes Group, you'll see that there already is a discussion thread entitled Feature Requests. The rules are essentially the same as associated with the Make Your Wish post: Before you request something, try to find out whether it's already in the works (so circling back to "Make Your Wish" might be advisable, because Dawid and the BookLikes team have already responded to a number of requests directly there) -- give the BookLikes folks a chance to stay organized and on priority.  Other than that ... seems we can just speak up to our hearts' content, just as a lot of us have already been doing in the comments section of "Make Your Wish."


Thank you, Dawid and BookLikes!


P.S. And whoever wants to reblog this, please feel free to do so ...

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