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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
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Huff post and/or NY times article about Booklikes and GR?

Add-on by Themis-Athena: Gitta and I tried to include as many articles as we could in the BookLikes wiki, but if you see/are aware of more, please let us know.  We may still want to add further press coverage to the Wiki article ... and save the links to yet more stuff on our own blogs or somewhere similar.



Beginning of original post:


I didn't save the articles written about the latest exodus from GR to BL when Huffpost and the NY Times wrote about them....


Anyone have links to the articles?  I can't find them now :(


I found the salon one though... - Just adding so I can find it again....




and this one...




Might as well use this as a Masterpost for all the snippets that interest me about this....


This might get loooong, so I'll add a cut -

 The following links were sourced from the wiki here










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