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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions
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20 Gift Giving Ideas for Book Lovers...


Christmas is only six weeks away!!  I'm getting excited!!  I'm a little late to get started on my shopping this year, I usually start in October to try and spread the cost a little but better late than never.  Online is still my favourite shop so I thought I'd give a few idea's for anyone looking to buy for a booklover.  Some of these gifts I'd have to take out a small mortgage to afford but maybe my hubby can get some tips on the more modest offerings :D  (if you're reading this, hubby.....*hint* *hint* )



Not the cheapest gift, it's true.  But think of the possibilites!  Made to order with your special text or buy off the shelf.  So cool! 







I would LOVE this!  I like a good game of monopoly around Christmas time but how much more fun to play Bookopoly!   Not easy to get, it seems...but FUN if you can find it!







I saw a lady once with one of these and wasn't quick brave enough to stop her and ask where she got it.  Now I know! Etsy, of course!! 








Now this....I WOULD LOVE!  Sooo cool and perfect for my kindle!!  Are you listening, Santa?! 







The second I see anything remotely linked to any thing Diana Gabaldon has written, I'm all over it!  Who doesn't want to know what Jamie smells like?!! 






I had my eyes on this last year but forgot where I'd seen it....  THIS year though, I'm on the ball.   I don't read a lot in paper form any more but when I do - I'll NEED this!!









I always wanted my favourite book covers blown up and made into posters (I do the same thing with favourite 12" album covers) but this might be the next best thing!  Whole books reproduced into posters. So cool! 








Now this is cool!  I'd use this daily!!  Sooo much nicer than the standard charger!!







I don't know what everyone else calls these but we call them 'Slankets' in this house and I get a new one every year (Living in a 100 year old house in Scotland, in Winter can get chilly).  This one would be perfect for my Harry Potter re-read!! 






 I don't have this particular phone but if I did, I'd definitely get this cover!!  Sooo cute!!







I not only have a book addiction, I have a bag addiction too.. I LOVE a nice bag!  This one is a NICE bag!  *hint*







How about a LOVELY boxed set of bookplates to make sure your books come back when you loan them out?  I love boxsets of ANYTHING! 







I don't think this needs any explaination as to why it's on the Christmas list.... soo cute!!  







Did you play at 'libraries' when you were little?  Me too! I'd have killed for this set back then!  We made do with bits to cut up paper and a biro back then....







 A cosy spot, curled up with a book and a cup of tea?  Here's a no-brainer gift for the tea drinking bookworm. 





 I use a laptop so I've no use for a mousemat, but I'd STILL take this as a gift!!  CUTE!





 Jewellery, custom made for your favourtie book lover.  Oh, the possibilities!! 






 I'm DESPERATE to know what this smells like!!  If it's the brand new paperback smell then I'm all over it!!  If it's the yellow paged, smells of old folk's home paperback smell...I'm out.  I'd love to know, one way or the other though!





 Before I got my kindle I went through SO many booklights.  Dozens!  I'm not sure how these would work out for someone that already wears prescription reading glasses, but they're still interesting!  





 I can vouch for these being lush! I have the Burlwood one on my paperwhite....but this leopard would have been my choice if I'd seen it first!







An extra idea to make 21 because I've had my eye on these for more than a year.   Haven't gotten around to getting one yet though.  Maybe subconsciously I've been holding off so that Santa could put one in my stocking?




And there you have it.  A few gift idea's for your favourite booklover. 




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